Your replacement teeth can and should work as well as healthy, natural teeth. You can have that when you get dental implants in Plano, TX at Dossett Dental. Here are three reasons why implants make your new teeth better.

A Healthy Jaw

Tooth loss often leads to bone loss in the jaw. The reason is simple: your roots are no longer there to stimulate your jaw. By getting implants, you replace your roots. Your jaw then gets the stimulation is need to create new tissue and prevent bone loss.

No More Adhesives

Anyone with traditional dentures is aware of the need for and limitations of adhesive. When you have implants, your dentures or bridge is anchored in place. As a result, your new teeth stay securely in place without the need for adhesives.

Strong Bite

Implants recreate the connection between your teeth and your jawbone. This allows you to put more force into every bite you make. With this biting power, you can feel confident eating whatever you would like.

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