Lost teeth make life harder. That’s true for anyone.

That’s why teeth replacements can make a big difference in your quality of life. It’s also why we are so big on dental implants at Dossett Dental in Frisco, TX.

Call 214-740-6082 now to make an appointment to get your implants. They do multiple things that are good for you, including the four things mentioned below. 

1. Eat Better

We mean this in two ways. First, implants have proven to restore patients power when biting and chewing. This allows you to eat without it feeling like a chore. Second, implants let you eat anything you could eat when you have a full set of healthy teeth. That means you can get the nutrients you need by eating a wide variety of foods.

2. Speak Clearly

Missing teeth or loose dentures don’t allow you to pronounce words as well as you might like. With implants, your replacement teeth remain securely in position. That makes a difference when you are trying to express yourself to others.

3. Restore & Maintain Your Appearance

When people lose teeth, that can lead to bone loss in the jaw. In time, your face can take on a collapsed or sunken appearance. Implants can prevent that bone loss by replicating the stimulation that your jaw was receiving previously when you had teeth with roots.

4. Boost Your Mental Health

Lost teeth can cause you to feel self-conscious. You may withdraw from family and friends when you don’t feel good about your smile or how you sound when you talk. With implants, you can preserve your smile and say what you mean to say. That is good for your mental and emotional well-being.

Being able to eat, speak, and smiles are important for your everyday life. Dental implants allow you to continue doing all those things.

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