You want your health and your quality of life to be as good as it can be. That can be difficult if you are missing teeth. Even so, you can fix your situation with dental implants.

In Frisco, TX, you can rebuild more than your smile by making an appointment at Dossett Dental. Call 214-740-6082 to visit us if you want the benefits that come with implants.

Restore Your Ability to Chew

People who have dental implants can bite and chew with force comparable to people with a full set of healthy teeth. This allows you to eat a wide variety of food, which is better for your general health.

Restore Your Confidence

Missing teeth change your smile, and we have seen how that can make people self-conscious. With implants, you can replace your lost teeth and regain your confidence about your smile.

Protect Your Jawbone

Implants stimulate your jaw in much the same way that the roots of natural teeth do. This is important because it encourages new bone growth. This offset the bone tissue that is resorbed into the body, thus preventing bone loss in your jaw.

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