Few dental services are as versatile as dental crowns. This treatment is primarily used for restorative care, but it can have cosmetic benefits as well.

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Reinforce a Decayed Tooth 

Mild decay can be treated with a dental filling. In time, those fillings will need to be replaced. Severe decay may be too much for a filling to fix. Crowns can provide a long-term solution for your smile.

Make a Tooth More Attractive

old man smiles showing off the restorative dentistry done on his teeth

A misshapen or discolored tooth can be a distraction from an otherwise appealing smile. A crown can fix transform that tooth, so it complements the rest of your smile.

Replace a Lost Tooth

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A dental crown can be part of an excellent tooth replacement. You can get a crown with a dental implant to create a complete artificial tooth. This fills the gap in your smile and restores the function of your lost tooth.

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