The summer of 2021 is one we are looking forward to enjoying. As the world is opening up again, we are eager to get back to “normal” life again.

The summer is also a great time to get started on your new smile with straight teeth. Orthodontic care can give you the smile of your dreams. Before you can achieve this goal, however, you have to get started.

Whether you are an adult interested in straighter smiles or the parent of a teen who is ready for orthodontic treatment, talk to our doctors at Dossett Dental to discover what Invisalign aligners could do for you. Call 214-740-6082 to schedule your consultation at our Frisco, TX office.

Do It for Your Health

As dental professionals, we want all our patients to have attractive and healthy smiles. Straightening your teeth is one of the best things you can do for your oral health.

How does this work?

If your teeth are crooked or crowded together, it can interfere with your ability to clean your mouth. When you brush, you may not be able to clean parts of your teeth if they overlap one another. Flossing may prove to be futile on parts of your smile where your teeth are pressed tightly together.

By improving the alignment of your teeth, you can brush and floss more effectively. This also makes your professionals cleanings easier as well.

This isn’t the only problem that you can address with Invisalign. You may have an overbite or underbite. You could have a crossbite as well. That can lead to excessive wear and tear on your teeth. This can cause enamel to be lost, which may expose the softer part of your teeth over time.

Orthodontics can change the alignment of your bite. This can minimize the rubbing between your top and bottom teeth, which reduces the damage to your enamel.

How to Make a Change

The first step is scheduling a consultation. Invisalign can work for most people who have problems like those we mentioned earlier: crooked and crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, and bite alignment issues.

If you are a good candidate for this orthodontic service, then we can help you get a series of custom-designed aligners made specifically to fit your teeth at each step of your treatment. You will wear an aligner for 20-22 hours per day for a few weeks. Then, you will move on to the next aligner in the series.

You will continue doing this until you reach your final aligner. After you are done with your last aligner, you will wear a retainer just as you would with braces. For some people, this is temporary. For other people, the retainer needs to be worn regularly to prevent the teeth from shifting back toward their original positions.

Since the aligners are clear, they are much less noticeable than braces. This treatment often can be completed in about 12 months, although treatment times will vary depending on the severity of your issues and how well you comply with wearing your aligners.

Being Your Smile Transformation

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