Halloween is a fun time of year for kids and adults. It also comes with the temptation of candy — lots of candy.

When the day is over, you may have a big bowl of sweets sitting somewhere in your house. This can be hard to resist, which is why our Dossett Dental team in Plano, TX is offering some suggestions to protect your smile against tooth decay.

1. Watch What You Eat

You already know that overindulging in candy is a bad idea. To reduce your risk, make an agreement with your kids to limit how much candy they can eat each day.

2. Eat Sweets After Meals

When you eat, you produce saliva. After a meal, your saliva production is already high, which makes this a better time for treats. The saliva helps rinse away particles that could become food for harmful bacteria.

3. Drink Water

Having water with your sweets aids your saliva in removing those candy pieces from your teeth and between your teeth.

4. Remember to Brush & Floss

Yes, you should be doing this every day, but it’s particularly important when you have been eating sweets. Brushing removes those pieces that are stuck to your teeth, as well as bacteria and plaque. Flossing is how you clean the spaces between your teeth, which your toothbrush doesn’t reach.

Fight tooth decay and enjoy Halloween! Then, schedule a visit Dossett Dental – Plano by calling 972-787-0892 or contacting us online. To visit one of our other locations, call 817-270-9217 in Hurst, TX, 972-787-1869 in McKinney, TX, or 214-740-6082 in Frisco, TX.

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