Archeologists have identified false teeth that date back to around 2500 B.C. in what is modern-day Mexico. These were made from wolf teeth. Around 700 B.C., the Etruscans (who lived in modern-day Italy) were using gold wires to attach human and animal teeth to other teeth.

Throughout human history, people have been trying to replace teeth that have fallen out, been knocked, or were removed. Bones, ivory, stones, and seashells are among the many materials that have been used to make dentures.

Today, you can get dentures that look as good as natural teeth, and with advances in restorative treatments, your new teeth can function as well as the real thing, too. 

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Eat, Speak, & Be Merry

Your teeth do a lot of things for you every day. They allow you to bite and chew, so you can eat food that you enjoy and get a variety of nutrients. They affect how you pronounce words and how clearly you speak. And, obviously, they affect the appearance of your smile.

On the other hand, tooth loss can make it difficult to eat, can leave you hesitant to speak, and can make you want to hide your smile.

When you replace your teeth with dentures, you should do more than just look like you have a complete set of teeth again.

At Dossett Dental, we don’t want you to settle for the same kind of dentures that your grandparents kept in a glass of water by their nightstand. We want you to have new teeth. You should be able to do everything that you could before you lost your teeth without worrying about your dentures sliding around or falling out.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Traditional dentures have improved in terms of comfort, fit, and appearance. That much is true, but they still have the same fundamental flaw that dentures have had for centuries. They rest over your gums. This means they are not connected to your jaw the way your natural teeth are.

This connection is made by the roots of your teeth. To recreate that connection, you need something to function as replacement roots. That’s what dental implants do for you.

By getting implants, you are essentially anchoring your dentures to your jawbone. That provides stimulation to your jaw, which prevents the kind of bone loss that occurs with dentures alone.

Your implants also stop your dentures from sliding without the need for denture adhesives. In other words, you can eat what you like and enjoy the taste of your food, too.

Regain Your Natural Smile

Implant-supported dentures are the closest thing to real teeth that you can get through modern restorative dental care. You can get yours at Dossett Dental.

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