Spring cleaning is good for you. That includes a Spring dental cleaning in Hurst, TX. 

Call 817-270-9217 to visit Dossett Dental. Do some good for your smile this season.

Take Care of Junk

Plaque and tartar buildup makes tooth decay and gum disease more likely. Regular professional cleanings are the best way to prevent excessive accumulation of gunk.

Address Problems

happy couple showing off the work of their favorite general dentist

As part of your checkup, we will keep our eyes open for any potential oral health issues we may see. Treating any issues now can prevent long-term problems down the road.

Spruce Things Up

Many people would like to make improvements to their teeth. Your visit is a good time to discuss your smile goals and possible solutions to create your dream smile.

Call 817-270-9217 or schedule online to set up a dental cleaning in Hurst, TX at Dossett Dental. To visit one of our other locations, call 972-787-1869 in McKinney, TX, 972-787-0892 in Plano, TX, or 214-740-6082 in Frisco, TX.