There are still months to go before the end of the year, but you should be making plans now to visit your general dentist at Dossett Dental.

If you have dental insurance, there is a good chance that your benefits expire at the end of the year. By not scheduling a dental checkup, you could be missing an opportunity to catch or prevent a problem. And since you are already paying for your insurance coverage, you should take advantage of what it can do for you.

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Get What You Are Paying For

If you are fortunate to have dental insurance from your employer, then you likely have something taken out of each paycheck to pay for your insurance plan.

Dental insurance benefits often coincide with the calendar year. Your plan may include one or two dental cleanings each year. You may be eligible for free or reduced-cost dental exams under your policy, and you may be able to receive assistance on restorative treatments.

If you get to the end of the year without a cleaning or an exam, you could find yourself dealing with a cavity, an infected tooth, or gum disease in the year to come. We would rather keep your mouth as healthy as possible by addressing any potential problems now.

Besides, if you don’t come to the dentist, why are paying for dental insurance? This would be like buying a lawnmower but never using it. The grass isn’t going to cut itself, and your teeth require routine care to stay healthy.

Protect Your Smile

Routine dental checkups are invaluable for your long-term oral health.

Yes, you should still brush your teeth (twice daily) and floss between your teeth and gums (once per day). These small actions can do a lot to reduce your risk of tooth decay and periodontal problems.

However, statistically speaking, most people will develop those issues at least once in your life. Catching problems early can make a big difference in how easy your treatment is. This could be the difference between getting a filling or a root canal. It could be the difference between getting a dental crown or need a tooth replaced.

Visiting us regularly is good for your smile and for your wallet. Preventive care can spare you from needing to spend more to restore your oral health.

Plan Ahead

Don’t try to squeeze in an appointment at the last minute. Schedule your next dental checkup at Dossett Dental now, so you will have one less thing to worry about at the end of the year.

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