Dental Implants Put Strength Back Into Your Bite

Dental implants can address the physical, mental, and emotional issues that come with lost teeth. When you are missing teeth, it can hinder your day-to-day life and be detrimental to your personal and professional relationships. With implants, you can:

  • Bring back your feeling of self-confidence
  • Recover your powerful bite and capacity to eat
  • Prevent bone loss and preserve your healthy jaw
  • Feel assured that your brand-new teeth won’t move around in your mouth

At Dossett Dental, your dentist wants your teeth replacements to look, feel, and work as well as healthy, natural teeth. When you come in for a consultation, you get the benefit of our years of expertise and training in teeth replacements. Together, we can determine a plan to put your smile back on track and set the stage for your lasting dental wellness.

The best remedies will depend upon the number of teeth you require to replace. You can rebuild your smile with these services:

  • Dental Crown With an Implant – This is basically a total fabricated tooth with the dental implant as the crown and the root capping your implant.
  • Bridge With Implants – To replace several teeth, start with implants as your structure. Including a bridge fills in the space in your smile without the need to reshape other teeth to fortify your bridge.
  • Implant-Secured Dentures – Traditional dentures sit over your gums, which means they can move when you eat or speak. With a set of implants, your dentures are anchored in position, so they do not slide around.
  • Mini Implants – Bone loss in your jaw might require you to obtain a bone graft before you can get conventional implants. Miniature implants give you comparable advantages without the need for a bone graft.

It’s time to recover your smile and your self-confidence. Arrange your appointment at Dossett Dental to find out exactly how you can get dental implants near Erwin Park, TX. Call 972-787-1869  today or schedule online.