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If you have a Dental Emergency, call us now at your nearest location to be seen right away during business hours.

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If you’re experiencing severe mouth pain, you shouldn’t have to wait. At Dossett Dental, we don’t believe our patients should have to suffer simply because it’s after office hours. We make our emergency dental services available to you:

  • During Business Hours: Give us a call right away at any of our five locations.
  • After Hours: Go to our website and use the chat option to speak to a representative and schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

Common Dental Emergencies

The list below gives an overview of some common dental emergencies. While these are problems we see frequently, please know that if you’re experiencing any kind of mouth pain not indicated below, you should contact us right away.

  • A tooth that has been knocked out: This extremely painful incident requires an emergency dental appointment right away. If you can place the tooth back in its socket without touching the root, do so. Otherwise, rinse the tooth gently without removing any tissue and keep the tooth in milk or between your cheek and gums until you get to your appointment.
  • A cracked or chipped tooth: Cracked or chipped teeth can cause a lot of discomfort. While you wait to see us, you may want to apply an ice pack to your face to relieve swelling or pain.
  • A broken tooth. Breaking a tooth can be even more painful than chipping it. Don’t hesitate to call us if you break a tooth.
  • An object lodged in your mouth: If you cannot remove the object with dental floss, call us to make an appointment. Do not use sharp objects to attempt to dislodge it.
  • A lost filling: Losing a filling can expose your tooth to further damage. If you lost a filling, make sure to call us right away.

While these are problems we see frequently, please know that if you’re experiencing any kind of mouth pain, you should contact us right away.

Tips to Prevent a Dental Emergency

Practicing proper mouth care and getting regular check-ups help. But there are other ways you can protect your teeth:

Emergency Dental Services

Never use sharp objects like knives or scissors to dislodge food or objects in your mouth. Only dental floss should be used.

Wear a Mouthguard

Wear a mouth guard when participating in sports.

Avoid Hard and Crunchy Foods

Do not bite down on hard foods, like popcorn kernels or ice, which can crack your tooth.

Contact Dossett Dental When You Need an Emergency Dentist

We understand how debilitating mouth pain can be, and we won’t make you wait for relief. If you need an emergency dentist, call or chat with us right away.