Dr. Moniza Munawar

Meet Dr. Moniza Munawar, Who Is Passionate About Dental Health

For more than 20 years, Dr. Moniza Munawar has been practicing dentistry. Her pursuit of dentistry was fueled by her passion for healthcare and her problem-solving mindset. She loves the blend of art and science that she experiences within her field. 


Dr. Munawar earned her doctorate in dental surgery from New York University.  She also has completed over 300 hours of continuing education, so she can offer her patients the latest treatment techniques. She completed courses in implant dentistry as well as a Clinical Mastery Series in occlusion. Plus, she has received extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, including veneers.

Dentistry gives her a chance to impact people’s lives positively. Dr. Munawar experiences joy when she helps patients boost their oral health, relieve pain, and improve their smiles. She enjoys interacting with her patients and collaborating with the Dossett Dental team. Her patients love the comfortable atmosphere she creates during their appointments. She puts them at ease and shares her dental care wisdom while working efficiently and quickly. 

Her faith plays an important role in her life, providing her with guidance, strength, and a sense of purpose. It influences how she approaches her profession, embracing care that uses compassion and empathy while serving others. Outside of practicing dentistry, she enjoys spending time with her children and loved ones. She also likes to stay active and watch movies.

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