Dentures Frisco, TX

Are you tired of not having all your teeth? Using Frisco dentures, the team at Dossett Dental can give you back a full set of beautiful teeth. We’ve been able to help many of our patients over almost four decades enjoy having all their teeth again. With our custom dentures, you too could:

  • Smile confidently in all your social interactions
  • Earn more respect in your professional life
  • Eat delicious foods you love again
  • Look younger, healthier, and more attractive
  • Improve your oral health and overall health
  • Speak more clearly so others can understand you
  • Make dining out a pleasure instead of an embarrassment

Call us today at 214-740-6082 to schedule an appointment. We offer select evening hours and Saturday hours for your convenience. Second opinions are free, plus new patients receive a complimentary exam and X-rays.

Our Custom Dentures Offer Beauty & Function

Today’s dentures are far more comfortable than the ones from just a few years ago. They also perform better and last longer.

When you come in for your initial consultation, we’ll discuss all your dentures options with you, and we’ll take a set of digital impressions so your new teeth can be custom-made. These precise impressions mean a better fit with fewer adjustments.

Below are some types of dentures that we offer here at Dossett Dental. We’ll help you decide which ones will be best for you:

  • Traditional Full Dentures – These are the most familiar type of denture. When you need a complete arch of new teeth (upper, lower, or both), full dentures can give you back your smile. They’re easily removable for cleaning and care.
  • Traditional Partial Dentures – When you need only part of an arch of teeth replaced, we may recommend this style of denture.
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – To improve the performance of your dentures, we can stabilize your new teeth using dental implants. Your replacement teeth will anchor to the implants using a ball-and-socket system. You’ll never have to worry about them popping out and embarrassing you.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – These teeth are our most comfortable style of denture. They fasten to a set of dental implants using a secure metal bar that transfers the forces of biting and chewing directly to your jawbone, much like natural teeth do.
  • Temporary Dentures – While you’re waiting on your final restorations to be made, we’ll supply you with a temporary set of dentures so you never have to be without your teeth.

Regain your smile using dentures in Frisco. Call the pros at Dossett Dental today at 214-740-6082, or schedule online.

Common Questions About Dentures

When are dentures a good option?

Traditional dentures are a budget-friendly option for replacing most or all of your teeth. We’ll coordinate with you to ensure your dentures fit well and look natural. If you don’t mind investing more, we can attach dentures to dental implants. While the upfront cost of implant dentures is more, you won’t require denture adhesives or periodic denture relinings.

What can you eat with dentures?

Dentures let you consume foods you can’t take pleasure in when you are missing teeth. By eating healthy and balanced foods like fresh vegetables and fruits again, you’ll likely notice much better overall wellness! For biting strength almost equal to what you experienced with natural teeth, ask us about implant dentures.

Can dentures be used with dental implants?

Yes! We offer numerous options for implant dentures. Among the least intrusive and most cost-effective alternatives is a procedure called full-mouth reconstruction.

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