Full-Mouth Reconstruction Renew Your Health & Self-Esteem
  • Get a full & attractive smile by replacing teeth
  • Stay relaxed during any treatment with sedation
  • Restore a strong & secure bite with implants

Full-Mouth Reconstruction McKinney, TX

From choosing soft foods to hiding your mouth behind your hand when you smile, damaged and missing teeth cause you to make many changes. With a full-mouth reconstruction in McKinney, you can get back to living your life the way you did before. You’ll once again be able to enjoy:

  • A Full And Attractive Smile – With a mouth full of undamaged teeth, you won’t hesitate to show off your smile.
  • Greater Confidence – Your full-mouth restoration will give you the confidence to interact naturally in professional, romantic, and social settings.
  • The Ability To Eat Your Favorite Foods – Get ready to eat foods you’ve cut from your diet because you had trouble chewing them.

To begin planning your full-mouth rehabilitation, call 972-787-1869 to schedule a consultation or a free second opinion with one of our restorative dentists.

You Have Many Options For Repairing & Replacing Teeth

Whether you have missing teeth, damaged teeth, or both, our team can restore your smile’s appearance and full functionality. We’ll help you plan a full-mouth rehabilitation that is suited to your unique smile challenges and goals. Your choices include:

  • Dental Implants – Implants feel and function the most like natural teeth. Our dentists can restore them with crowns, bridges, or dentures.
  • Dental Crowns – Crowns fix broken teeth and severely decayed teeth. One crown attached to a dental implant replaces a single tooth.
  • Dental Bridges – A bridge closes a gap left by one tooth or multiple teeth. It can be anchored to natural teeth or to dental implants.
  • Dentures – We’ll help you find the right kind of dentures for your smile.

Dental sedation is available if you need help relaxing during any of your restorative procedures. You can choose laughing gas, an oral sedative, or IV sedation.

For a full-mouth reconstruction in McKinney, call Dossett Dental at 972-787-1869 or schedule online.

Common Questions About Full-Mouth Reconstruction

What is full-mouth reconstruction?

A full-mouth reconstruction is an extensive plan to restore the appearance and function of your smile. Because it is tailored to your smile obstacles and objectives, each full-mouth restoration is different. It may consist of replacement teeth, restorations like crowns, and any needed dental surgery procedures such as tooth removals or bone grafts.

How long does full-mouth reconstruction take?

Since every full-mouth repair uses different services, there is no typical answer. Some procedures such as tooth extractions and implant placement will involve recovery time. Our dentists will work with you to choose the services that best fit your smile requirements and objectives, including your schedule and finances.

How much does a full-mouth reconstruction cost?

Like the time frame, the budget for your full-mouth repair will depend on the services you select to rehabilitate your smile. We’ll work closely with you to identify the most affordable solutions if that is a concern, and we’ll offer a price estimate after your initial examination. Some restorative services may be covered by insurance, and we’ll assist you in determining if your plan will cover any costs.

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