Tooth Removal / Extractions Call For A Gentle Tooth Extraction
  • Enjoy a comfortable extraction with dental sedation
  • We’ll see you ASAP for dental emergencies
  • Get your extraction without seeing a specialist

Tooth Removal McKinney, TX

With our many options for restorative treatment, our dentists are often able to save even severely damaged teeth. Yet sometimes tooth removal in McKinney is the best solution to your dental problem. When it is, our team can likely handle your extraction. We can even extract most wisdom teeth!

We’ll ensure your tooth extraction will go well from start to finish with:

  • A team who answers your questions and addresses your concerns so you know what to expect from your procedure
  • Advanced technology that helps us plan and perform your treatment
  • Dentists who have experience performing many oral surgery procedures
  • Effective local anesthesia to keep your mouth numb
  • A choice of soothing sedation to keep you calm

Call us right away at 972-787-1869 if you think you need an extraction. If you have a toothache or other pain, we’ll do our best to offer you a same-day emergency appointment.

Replace Your Tooth For Best Results

After your immediate recovery, you may not want to start thinking about additional dental treatment. However, it’s a good idea not to wait too long to see us about replacing your tooth. The bone in your jaw begins to deteriorate soon after extraction because there is no longer a tooth root to provide the stimulation that keeps your jaw strong. A missing tooth can also cause nearby teeth to shift out of place.

The options for replacing a single tooth are:

  • A Dental Implant With A Dental Crown – Unlike other teeth replacements, a dental implant keeps your jawbone intact because the implant provides stimulation when you chew. It also provides a feel and function that is the most similar to a natural tooth.
  • A Dental Bridge – If an implant isn’t for you, you can choose a bridge. Attached to the teeth on either side of your extraction site, it “bridges” the gap in your smile.

We also offer solutions for multiple missing teeth:

  • An implant-supported bridge
  • A traditional bridge
  • Dental implant dentures
  • Conventional dentures

For gentle tooth removal in McKinney, call Dossett Dental at 972-787-1869 or schedule online.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal/Extractions

When is tooth removal necessary?

If a tooth is too unhealthy or damaged to save with a restorative procedure like a root canal or crown, we will suggest extraction. Occasionally, teeth require extraction to make room for dentures or other restorations. We may also recommend extraction before orthodontic therapy or for potentially problematic wisdom teeth.

Are tooth extractions painful?

We pride ourselves on providing worry-free tooth removal. We describe everything that is going to happen in as much detail as you’d like and address every one of your inquiries prior to your treatment so there are no surprises. We numb your mouth with local anesthesia, and if you’d like, you can get dental sedation. You can select laughing gas, an oral sedative, or IV sedation.

What happens after a tooth extraction?

We’ll put gauze on the socket and send you home with additional gauze that can be used to stop any bleeding. If needed, we’ll provide a prescription for pain medicine. We’ll provide you instructions on how to take care of your extraction site and encourage blood clotting. Generally, you’ll need to restrict your activity for a couple of days or so.

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