Dentures McKinney, TX

Even one missing tooth can affect everyday activities like eating. But if you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, it’s nearly impossible to live a normal life. Thank goodness you can get your smile – and your life – back with dentures in McKinney.

With our modern dentures, you can:

  • Enjoy a full and confident smile again
  • Fill out your cheeks so you will look younger and healthier
  • Feel at ease in social settings like restaurants
  • Choose a less invasive alternative to dental implants
  • Replace most or all of your teeth at an affordable cost
  • Chew your food more completely so you’ll enjoy better health

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Chew & Bite Easily With Dental Implant Dentures

You won’t need to worry about loose dentures when you secure your replacement teeth with dental implants. They’ll stay in place, even without adhesive. In addition, dental implant dentures will:

  • Help You Chew Better – Since implants are embedded in your jaw, your bite will be nearly as strong as it was before you lost teeth.
  • Keep You Comfortable – Since they don’t rub against your gums, you won’t experience any uncomfortable friction or sore spots.
  • Keep Your Bone Strong – Tooth roots keep your jaw strong by stimulating it when you chew, so when you lose roots, your bone shrinks. Implants provide the same kind of stimulation, so you won’t suffer from bone loss that makes your face look older.
  • Need No Special Maintenance – Brushing, flossing, and regular professional cleanings are all that’s needed to keep most dental implant dentures in great shape. Forget about using special cleaning solutions or soaking them.

If you’d rather not get implants, you can choose conventional dentures instead. They:

  • Are less invasive, since you won’t need dental implant placement
  • Allow you to choose full dentures, partials, and even temporary dentures to wear during your post-extraction recovery
  • Are more affordable than implant dentures
  • Look more lifelike than before because of improvements in materials and manufacturing processes

We Can Perform Oral Surgery To Prepare Your Mouth For Dentures

If you need oral surgery to get your mouth ready for dentures, our dentists perform:

  • Tooth removal
  • Bone grafts or ridge augmentation for strengthening your jaw
  • Sinus lifts, which add space for implants in your upper jaw

No matter which kind of dental surgery you need, you can receive dental sedation. Unlike many practices, we offer a choice of three kinds of sedation to ensure you’ll get the one you need to keep you relaxed.

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Common Questions About Dentures

When are dentures a good option?

Standard dentures are an economical choice for replacing most or every one of your teeth. We’ll work with you to guarantee your dentures fit well and look natural. If you do not mind spending extra, we can connect dentures to dental implants. While the upfront cost is more, you won’t require denture adhesive or regular denture relinings with implant dentures.

What can you eat with dentures?

Dentures give you the ability to consume foods you couldn’t delight in while you were missing teeth. By consuming healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruits once again, you’ll likely experience much better total health! For chewing strength virtually equal to what you experienced with natural teeth, ask us about implant dentures.

Can dentures be used with dental implants?

We offer several choices for dental implant dentures. Among the least intrusive and most cost-effective alternatives is a procedure called full-mouth reconstruction.

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