Transform Your Smile From Ordinary to Dazzling

If you’ve attempted pharmacy whitening treatments, odds are it had not been an excellent experience. With flimsy trays or messy strips, they aren’t foolproof. Also, the results usually aren’t even that noticeable.

Don’t allow past experience to hinder you from attempting professional bleaching. Our whitening therapies are:

  • Developed to Be Stronger– Consumer bleaching solutions have a higher portion of “fillers” to keep them shelf stable. Our bleaching products have extra active ingredients, so they do a much better job.
  • Simpler to Apply– Forget frustrating strips! You’ll have an easier time obtaining full coverage with our bleaching systems.
  • More Flexible– You can choose an in-office procedure for the fastest results or home treatments for the benefit of bleaching whenever you’d like.
  • Backed by Your Dental Staff– If you encounter any kind of issues, our professionals is right there to help! You’ll get faster and more complete explanations from us than from an online FAQ or item insert.

Your Smile Remains In Good Hands With Our Team

Along with whitening, you can improve your smile with other cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth veneers, teeth contouring, and tooth bonding.

You’ll have access to other solutions to keep your smile looking and feeling great, like:

  • General Dentistry— To improve your smile with whitening and other cosmetic treatments, you need to begin with healthy teeth. Visit us regularly for general dental maintenance like cleanings and exams to maintain your smile in excellent shape.
  • Restorative Dentistry— Oral damage happens. When it does, we can fix it with restorative dentistry services like fillings and crowns. If you’ve lost teeth, we can replace them with dental bridges, dentures, or implants.
  • Dental Implants— Unlike other teeth replacements, implants maintain the bone in your jaw healthy and solid.
  • Oral Surgery— There’s no need to see an outside specialist considering that we can remove troubled teeth and execute other procedures to preserve your oral health.

For teeth whitening in Fairview, TX or additional smile services, call Dossett Dental today at 972-787-1869 for an appointment.