Tooth Removal in Plano, TX

Yes, an oral surgeon can remove teeth. So can your dentist at Dossett Dental. We can even extract wisdom teeth. With tooth removal in Plano, a team you know and trust will perform your procedure in a familiar office. Plus, you’ll enjoy the same convenient scheduling and payment options that are available for any of our treatments.

We’ll ensure your tooth extraction goes smoothly because we will:

  • Schedule your procedure when it’s most convenient for you, even on Saturday
  • Use advanced technology like an intraoral camera to plan your procedure
  • Numb your mouth with local anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment
  • Offer you a choice of three kinds of sedation if you need help relaxing
  • Address all your questions and concerns so you know exactly what to expect

Call us ASAP at 972-787-0892 if your tooth is giving you trouble. We’ll schedule a same-day emergency appointment, if possible.

Find A Replacement For Your Missing Tooth

After your tooth is removed, we’ll encourage you to think about replacing it sooner rather than later. You lose both a tooth and its root during an extraction. Without a root to stimulate your jaw, the bone in your jaw deteriorates. Nearby teeth can also shift so they are no longer properly aligned.

To replace one tooth, your options are:

  • Single-Implant Dental Crown – An implant functions like a tooth root does to prevent bone loss and keep your jaw from shrinking. In addition, the crown looks like a natural tooth and performs like one too.
  • Dental Bridge – If you’d rather not receive an implant, you can choose a dental bridge instead. We’ll attach it to the teeth surrounding your extraction site.

We offer replacements for multiple teeth too: implant-supported bridges, partial dentures, conventional full dentures, and dental implant dentures.

For tooth removal in Plano, call Dossett Dental at 972-787-0892 or schedule online.