Root Canal

Root Canal

Root Canal

Don’t Let the Idea of a Root Canal Scare You

The very words “root canal” can sometimes leave people shaking in their boots. But a root canal does not have to be a scary procedure, and at Dossett Dental, we’re committed to making your experience as comfortable as possible.

Severe tooth pain can be the result of a tooth that has decayed to the point where its roots and pulp have been affected. Since a tooth does not need a functional root to survive, its root and pulp are removed and the area is sealed off to prevent further infection.

What Is a Root Canal?

Pulp lives inside the root canal of the tooth and extends from the crown to the tip of the roots. The pulp can become inflamed from an injury or because the tooth was subjected to repeated dental treatments. If left untreated, the infection can lead to a painful abscess. A root canal gets rid of the infection by extracting the root and pulp from your tooth.

What Are the Benefits of a Root Canal?

The process of getting a root extracted may sound terrifying, but you will be glad you did it. A root canal can:

  • Relieve Mouth Pain: Because we will remove the infected areas from your tooth, you will often experience immediate relief from pain.
  • Prevent Tooth Loss: A root canal is performed to save your tooth, which means you won’t have to undergo additional dental services, like dental implants or dental bridges.
  • Improve Your Overall Health: Mouth pain can be incredibly debilitating. You can’t eat or sleep. The pain can migrate to your entire head. Extracting the infection from a root canal will allow you to return to your normal activities and enhance your health.

Is A Root Canal Right For Me?

A root canal is actually a fairly quick procedure that allows you to keep your tooth. It permanently relieves pain in the tooth – without a root or pulp, your tooth will have nothing that can get infected.

Suffering from Tooth Pain? Call Us Today to Learn More about Root Canals

Your tooth pain may be the result of decay. In that case, a root canal is one of the few procedures available that can relieve your pain and save your tooth. Do not suffer in silence any longer – call one of our five locations today for a free consultation or to schedule your appointment.