In modern dentistry, restorative care is better than it’s ever been. One reason for that is the advanced that have been made in dental crowns.

At Dossett Dental in McKinney, TX, we used crowns to correct a number of problems.

Broken Teeth

Injuries can cause breaks in your teeth. A crown is an easy solution to repair your smile.

Cracked Teeth

Bite into something a little too hard? Do something about it by getting a crown.

Decayed Teeth

A filling may not be enough to fix a large cavity. In those cases, a crown is a better option.

Discolored Teeth

Crown also can help you address cosmetic issues, such as teeth that don’t match the brightness of the rest of your smile.

Misshapen Teeth

A crown can transform a tooth that is oddly shaped, so it complements the rest of your smile.

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