As the last few months of 2021 wind down, you know your schedule will get busier. That also makes now the time to plan a year-end dental cleaning at Dossett Dental.

You want your smile looking its best for your Thanksgiving dinner, your family Christmas picture, or your New Year’s Eve selfies. You also want to make sure you keep smiling into 2022 and beyond.

Another factor to consider is your dental insurance. If you have it, you do not want it to go to waste. Making an appointment for a dental checkup is a good way to get the most of your dental plan, especially if you haven’t seen a dentist yet this year.

In McKinney, TX, call 972-787-1869 today to set up your cleaning and exam.

Maximize Your Benefits

If you have dental insurance, then your plan is designed to encourage you to get preventive care. To that end, your policy likely covers all or much of the cost of at least one cleaning and exam each year. (Check your policy for specifics.)

It’s also worth noting that dental insurance plans are typically set up for 12-month intervals (usually coinciding with the calendar year). That means the benefits that come with your policy are only good for that time period. If you don’t take advantage of those benefits, then you have lost them even though you have been paying for them with your premium payments throughout the year.

Dental insurance isn’t meant to be used “just in case” something goes wrong. Unlike car insurance, dental plans are set up to provide an incentive to get routine care so restorative services are less likely. In other words, you are meant to use your dental plan today so you don’t need an expensive and invasive procedure tomorrow.

Protect Your Smile for Years to Come

Your oral health is important for maintaining your overall health. Consider gum disease as an example. People who have periodontal problems also are more likely to have heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues.

Knowing this, it is in your best interest to make regular dental visits a part of your oral care routine. A professional cleaning can remove plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth. That can help you avoid cavities and gum infections.

Don’t feel bad if you do develop those problems. Most people will experience both of them at one time or another. This is why your dental exams remain important as well. Catching a problem early can make a big difference in how it affects your oral health. Getting a filling is easier than getting a root canal. Treating your gum disease is better than losing your teeth.

Plan Now to See Us Soon

Don’t let the calendar change before you visit Dossett Dental. To schedule a dental cleaning at our McKinney, TX office, call 972-787-1869 or schedule online. Be sure to read about our new protocols in light of COVID-19 to keep you and our team members safe. 

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