Unfortunately, a lot of bad things can happen to your teeth. On the positive side, restorative dentistry is better than it has ever been. With modern dental crowns, your smile can look good, and you can have the full function of your damaged teeth again.

Knowing this, when should you come to Dossett Dental for a crown?

When You Have a Big Cavity

Often you can treat tooth decay with a dental filling. Yet, you may have a cavity that grows too large before you notice it and make an appointment to visit us. In those situations, a crown is a better long-term fix for your oral health.

When You Break a Tooth

Dental injuries happen. You may fall or run into something or someone. It can happen while practicing or playing your favorite sport (which also is a reason to wear an athletic mouthguard). Regardless of the reason your tooth is broken or cracked, you can repair it with a crown.

When You Have an Infected Tooth

That toothache is not going to go away on its own. A root canal is how you removed the infected tissue that is causing your pain. A crown is how you cap your tooth to restore its full function.

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