Root Canals Stop Your Tooth Pain Fast!
  • Restore your tooth painlessly with modern root canals
  • Feel at ease during treatment with sedation options
  • Get out of pain fast with emergency care

Root Canals McKinney, TX

If you have an infected tooth, your two choices for treatment are a root canal or an extraction. While our dentists can perform either procedure, there are many good reasons for keeping your tooth.

With root canals in McKinney, our team can:

  • Stop pain and prevent the loss of your tooth
  • Keep infection from spreading and causing even more serious damage
  • Preserve a tooth that was previously treated with a root canal that failed
  • Restore comfortable oral function
  • Strengthen your tooth so it’s more resistant to damage

We can often offer same-day emergency care for toothaches and other painful problems. Call us ASAP at 972-787-1869.

Keep Your Tooth Intact For Good Oral Health

Dental restorations like fillings and crowns can repair cavities on the exterior of your tooth. When decay gets inside your tooth, though, it infects the pulp. This typically causes a painful toothache and can create potentially serious health problems if the infection spreads elsewhere. Without a root canal, we’ll need to extract your tooth. There are good reasons for choosing root canal treatment:

  • You’ll feel like yourself again more quickly, following a shorter and more comfortable recovery.
  • Nearby teeth will stay in place, so your bite alignment won’t be affected.
  • With an intact tooth root, your jaw will receive the stimulation it needs to avoid bone loss.
  • You’ll avoid the expense of replacing your tooth.

Remain Relaxed & Pain-Free With Dental Sedation

You may be fearful of root canal therapy, but you don’t need to be. Our modern rotary technique makes the procedure much more comfortable than in days past. We’ll also use local anesthesia to numb your mouth fully, and you can receive dental sedation to keep you relaxed throughout your treatment. You can choose from three kinds of sedation:

  • Inhaled Sedation – You breathe in laughing gas through a small mask. Unlike other forms of sedation, you won’t feel groggy after receiving it.
  • Oral Sedation – We can provide you with a safe prescription pill to take at home, so you’ll feel relaxed even before your appointment begins.
  • IV Sedation – Once we administer IV sedation, you’ll remain largely unaware of your surroundings. You’ll stay in a dreamlike state throughout your procedure.

For root canals in McKinney, call Dossett Dental at 972-787-1869 or schedule online.

Common Questions About Root Canals

Why have a root canal?

If the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected, you’ll need a root canal or tooth removal. Otherwise, the infection can spread to your jaw and even other places in your body, causing potentially serious health concerns. You’ll recover more easily from a root canal than an extraction, and it keeps your tooth roots in place.

Are root canals painful?

Despite this treatment’s reputation, a lot of our patients find a root canal no more unpleasant than receiving a filling. The procedure eliminates pain, it doesn’t cause it! We’ll numb your mouth with local anesthesia before starting. You may find it less intimidating if you also get one of our three types of reliable dental sedation.

Where can I get a root canal?

You can see our dentists for any one of your restorative requirements, including root canal treatment. Lots of patients experience less stress and anxiety having a root canal – or any other treatment – done by a team they know in a familiar environment instead of visiting an outside doctor. Do not put off calling our practice if you have tooth pain!

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