General Dentistry Feel Confident With Routine Care
  • Maintain a healthy & beautiful smile
  • Every appointment can be easy with the right care
  • New patients can request a free exam & X-rays

General Dentist Hurst, TX

Sometimes life gets so busy that we push important things to the side. One of these is our general dental care. Our general dentist in Hurst not only keeps your smile in good shape but also helps make sure your whole body stays healthy. Routine dental care gives you these benefits:

  • Confidence that your smile is attractive
  • Catching and treating small problems before they worsen
  • Less chance of needing major dental work later on
  • Lower risk that you’ll experience a dental emergency

Make sure your smile gets the care it needs to shine. Call Dossett Dental today at 817-270-9217 to schedule a general dentist appointment.

General Dental Care Is The Secret To An Attractive Smile

While most people know they should visit a general dentist regularly for a checkup, they may not realize that there is much more to general dental services than that. At Dossett Dental, we offer a full assortment of general care services designed to keep your family smiling. They include:

  • Dental Cleanings And Exams – We recommend that you schedule a cleaning and exam every six months so we can provide early treatment for any problems.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If we find evidence of gum disease, we can “deep clean” your gums with scaling and root planing.
  • Electronic Cavity Detector – This advanced device detects small amounts of decay that the naked eye can’t see.
  • Fluoride Treatment – Fluoride strengthens your teeth enamel and helps prevent cavities.
  • Athletic Mouthguards – We can make a custom-fit mouthguard to protect your teeth during sports and athletic activities.
  • Night Guards – Our custom night guards will keep your teeth apart to prevent harmful teeth grinding.
  • Dry Mouth And Halitosis (Bad Breath) Treatment – We can offer advice and recommend specialty products to help you manage these conditions with confidence.

Don’t neglect your routine smile care. Visit us today for checkup from our general dentist in Hurst by calling 817-270-9217. You can also schedule an appointment online. We’re open until 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and offer Saturday hours.

Common Questions About General Dentistry

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry is preventive care that helps keep your teeth and your gums as healthy as possible. The foundation of general dentistry is regular exams and cleanings. These are so essential to dental health that new patients can receive a complimentary exam and X-rays at our office. Other preventive services include dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

Can an orthodontist practice general dentistry?

Orthodontists and other specialists have received general dentistry training, so they are able to practice general dentistry. Most of them don’t, however. They focus on only a few specific issues. General dentists, in contrast, typically practice a wide variety of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry.

Why should I go to a general dentist?

Visiting a general dentist is the best way to meet multiple dental needs in one place. Our dentists have the training and experience to perform most of the services you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful. From routine exams and cleanings to complex full-mouth reconstructions and oral surgery, you’ll find a wide array of services.

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